TodayFx Risk Disclosure


  1. You can fax the completed trading agreement.
  2. You may scan and email the trading agreement.
  3. You must mail the original document.

Notice: You cannot transfer funds into your account until your registration has been approved.


If you are new to forex trading, please open a practice account, before considering any entry into active trading.


Download platform userguide


Trading Platform: User Guide ( PDF, 840Kb )


Download account files


Trading Agreement Individual Account Form

( PDF, 250Kb )


Trading Agreement Institution Account Form

( PDF, 510Kb )


Withdraw funds form (110Kb)



TodayFx is a White Label Broker of Advanced Currency Markets for self-traded accounts and offers a Java and Flash login platform, requiring no software download.

  • Runs direct from your own PC or Laptop - simply login.

  • Real time pricing for 25 currency pairs + gold and silver.

  • Generate rapid orders or create order entries at desired price levels, under normal market conditions.

  • Apply stop losses and limit orders on any positions and change when you want.

  • Customize the window view to your own taste.

  • An integrated news box.

  • An integrated chart tool where you can create and save your own technical charts.

  • 24 hour support.

  • Report tools.


  1. 2 - 3 pip spreads!
  2. No slippage / No requotes!
  3. Guaranteed fills in ALL forex market conditions.
    No commissions.
  4. $5,000 standard & $50,000 institutional accounts.
    Up to 100:1 leverage (1% margin).
  5. Base account in USD, EUR, GBP, CHF & JPY.
  6. Fully web based (no download required).1
  7. Trade Forex from anywhere!
  8. Additional forex order types.2
  9. Selective position liquidation.2
  10. Latest encryption technology (SSL security).

1) On Flash trading platform. 2) On Advanced Trader.






Trading in Foreign Exchange is a serious financial risk and you could lose a lot of money. Do not partake in trading unless you know what you are doing, the money is yours and you can afford to lose that money