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●●    What is NIF    ●●

NIF consists of a team of experts in the field of Neural Networks and Capital Markets. We use the best Neural Network software available worldwide to deliver state of the art neural network FX-forecasts.


Our main business is providing 24h-forecasts for the EUR/USD quote by developing, training and testing hundreds of different databases and neural networks per month. Only the best of these networks are used to provide forecasts for our clients.


Please understand that we can't disclose any further details regarding our general approach to FX-forecasting , databases, training and testing of our networks.  


Let our RESULTS speak for themselves.


 ●●  NEURAL NETWORK  FX-Forecasts   ●●


Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence represent the best method available when it comes to the task of economic modelling. The FOREX market is exposed to a large number of influence factors. Statistical methods (technical analysis) and expert systems are not able to cope with the large number of factors and interdependences between them and therefore their ability to come up with an algorithm sophisticated enough to make you trade successfully on the FOREX-market is very limited.


However, Neural Networks have the capability to detect the most important input factors out of approximately 100-200 factors and millions of combinations which we use to train our FOREX-Networks with in the first phase of network setup. Since we feed and train the networks with new information on a daily basis our percentage of accurate 24h-UP/DOWN forecasts on FOREX-rates exceeds other prediction methods (technical or fundamental analysis) in terms of accuracy and in terms of profit.



NIF  FX  FORECAST  RESULTS/SUGGESTED Initial Investment: USD 20 000.-

Year + Months


2002 (7m)
2003 (12m)
2004 (12m)
2005 (10m)
2006 (8m)
2007 (12m)
2008 (10m)
Profit / Loss in USD:

+$24 030

+$25 148

+$34 860

-$10 310

+$6 740

+$21 690


PROFIT/LOSS: +120% +125% +174% -51% +33% +108% +129%
Investment: USD 20 000
Total Profit: USD 116,250
Profit in %: 581%

Aver. Profit/Year

(over 6 years)

USD 16, 607 (83%)


EUR/USD Forecast Results 2008
Month Pips Gain

EUR/USD Forecast Signals. (Sign Up)

One month trial - $100;

Each month thereafter - $500)

  • Signals sent by email or SMS
  • Signals sent after 00:00 CET daily (8 PM EST)
  • Signal is buy/sell for next 24 hours
  • Stop loss of 80 pips employed
  • No limit price quoted

Cost of trial is $100 for 1 month (email only)


Each subsequent month is $500 (email and/or SMS)

(also includes event risk notice from TodayFx)


Allow 1 day after sign-up before receipt of 1st signal



Risk Notice:


Trading currencies involves substantial risk and there is always the danger ofloss. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange, you should carefully consider your investment objectives and risk attitude. The possibility exists that you could sustain substantial loss, and therefore, you shouldonly invest funds you canafford to lose. Youhave tobe aware of the risk associated with FX trading. NIF or TodayFx will assume no responsibility for losses resulting out of following NIF's forecasts and trading signals.