Trading Spot Currency Markets
Course Content:
Global Currency Market Introduction:
  • Market Background / Size / Players
  • Understanding the Major Currencies
  • Terminology explained
  • Margin /Leverage and the importance of managing Risk
  • What is Rollover Interest and why it needs to be understood
  • The Top Influencesfor currency markets
  • Understand the cost of a trade and how to execute a trade
  • Limit Orders, Stop Losses and Trailing Stops
Fundamental Analysis:
  • What is fundamental analysis
  • Key US Economic Indicators
  • Key Euro Zone Indicators
  • Key UK & Japanese Indicators
  • Other GlobalFundamentals that canmove price
Technical Analysis (using EUR/USD):
  • What is technical analysis
  • How to readdirectional trends from graphs
  • Key Currency Overbought / Oversold Signals
  • Candlestick charts
  • What are Moving Averages and how are they used
  • How to create your own charts
An hour swill be set aside at the end (17:00 - 18:00), to assist individuals on any specific questions.
All Trainers are professionally qualified and course material is up to date and fully licensed for use in this class.
Attendees will be given a handout, documenting the course notes and presentations.
Class Sizes will be small, so register early to avoid disappointment.
Other classeswill follow at later dates, so if you wish to register for a later date, please contact the office.
Course Costs are not inclusive of VAT.
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