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The TodayFx & The Dow Jones Forex Service offers subscribers unparalleled

24-hour real time, market moving, financial, political and economic news

covering the global foreign exchange markets.


The Forex Service delivers concise, accurate news to dealers, economists and fi nancial advisors who require a multidimentional picture of what’s infl uencing the fl ow of money, global business and world economics.


Our shared 3,650 reporters around the world deliver timely, quality market moving news and supply a range of reporting styles.


These styles include:


• Spot news - Front-line reporting of market movements or breaking news.


• Enterprise - Value-added news resulting from investigative reporting unmatched by other news providers.


• Snap Analysis - News Snap and Data Snap provide quick interpretation of what economic indicators and other news means for market direction.


• Interviews - Exclusive interviews with news makers from fi nance ministers to CEO’s. We offer key fi gures the chance to speak to 400,000 people at once. It’s an offer they rarely refuse.

Real-Time Insight into Market

• Foreign Exchange Roundups
- regular, detailed summaries
of activity from all the major
trading centers.

• Commentary on major,
secondary and exotic currencies
throughout the day, and market
news put in focus.

• Fed, ECB, BOE and BOJ Watch
- each feature offers regular
analysis of the major central
banks’ fi scal policy stance, and
also examines issues likely to
infl uence policy makers.

• Political, Government, Financial,
Company and Industry News
for a complete picture of what
infl uences the fl ow of money and
shapes the global fx markets.
• Data Previews, plus DJN’s
exclusive fi ve-step coverage of
economic indicators.

• Euronomics - This regular
feature offers close scrutiny of
the Eurozone fundamentals and
what they mean for markets.

Market-Moving News:

• Comprehensive coverage of
G7, IMF and other major events.

• Extensive coverage of central
bank offi cials.

• Economic indicators, trends
and policy changes.

• Political events, shifts in
political leadership, trade
negotiations and legislative

By the numbers:

• around 300 news headlines
per day.



Email (or SMS) Alerts

  • Alerts are sent by email containing the most important fundamental indicator releases categorised with an importance rating of A or B on the TodayFx (A-E) importance rating. This includes for US: Fed rate announcements - including statement, monthly consumer price indices, monthly personal income and expenditure data, GDP updates, the ISM manufacturing index and nonfarm payroll and unemployment figures.
  • Alerts are sent for Central Bank announcements for the US, Japan, Euro zone, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Major geopolitical issues that may play havoc with the market.
  • Exceptions will be made to include email alerts for economic indicators of specific interest to individual subscribers (conditional on time of release).


Daily Newsletter (sent by email Mon - Fri at around 10:00 BST / 05:00 EST)

  • Highlights from Asian market and early European trading.
  • Expert daily currency analysis by Investica for EUR/USD, Yen, Sterling, Swiss Franc and the Australian Dollar.
  • Upcoming calendar economic events and indicator forecasts for the next 24 hours.



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