LINKS: Quality Economic Analyis



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Valuable Economic References

Wachovia Monthly Economic Outlook

Fundamental-based, containing forward currency projections.


ECB Research Papers

Detailed fundamental analysis. Good for studying or reference.


Financial Times Business News

Good place to keep up to date with the stories making market headlines. The level of commentary on currencies is disappointing.


Rueters Business News

Great global business news, but very poor currency focus.


The Economist

Excellent Print Publication also available on-line. Published weekly and includes global fundamental overview and currency focus.


Economist Intelligence Unit

Leading economic think-tank. Ideal for longer-run market players.

Free information limited. Can purchase currency reports on-line.


Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Very useful site for market research with many insightful reports - free. As the only US Reserve Bank with a permanent seat on the FOMC, they should know what they are talking about.